Jermey. 23. Toronto. Proud Canadian. Hockey and baseball are what I live for. Red Wings and Tigers always come first. Tomas Tatar. Anthony Mantha. I love my russian, Pavel Datsyuk. Steve Yzerman is my god.

wow I really need to dye my hair again because that blond is about to come on through


I’ve watched this at least a hundred times.



Pika pika, mother fucker.

you shouldnt have freed them



wow it’s so cool that milan lucic has his own emoji


I’m on mobile but I’m assuming it’s the piece of shit emoji


Found this ad in a Nickelodeon magazine from 2004.

red wings essentials (insp)

*clever caption goes here*

the wings have offered Tatar a 2, 3, and 5 year contract extension and he said he’s leaning towards a shorter deal no Tatar no u take that 5

#:( ily