Jermey. 22. Toronto. Proud Canadian. Hockey and baseball are what I live for. Red Wings and Tigers always come first. I love my russian, Pavel Datsyuk. Tomas Tatar. Anthony Mantha. Steve Yzerman is my god

this is going to be a long series and I wouldn’t have it any other way


Datsyuk’s beauty of a goal!


pavel datsyuk is the illest being on earth rn don’t argue with me

but he’s NOT A Dirty PLayER!!1!

lucic is the biggest piece of shit oh my god


yo just because someone’s job is to “agitate” doesn’t mean we can’t hate it

it’s a shitty, classless job that doesn’t really need to be occupied


Yesterday, April 17th, Hockey Canada named the 20 men that will represent Team Canada at the 2014 IIHF World Championships.